Elementor #1204

The below items are what i have to offer for sale. They are all hand-painted, unless specified otherwise. The prints are high-quality copies of the original artwork. 

The list will be kept up-to-date, and if you’d like to make an order, please do get in touch with me for any queries. You can also DM me on Instagram if you prefer. 

Framed artwork - 6 x 8 inches
A6 Sized Notebooks with handpainted covers

A6 Notebooks

*Currently restocking* These colourful A6 notebooks feature hand-painted art on the front cover. They are blank notebooks of 60 pages, and each book has a unique design on the cover. These can also be customized, if required.

Acrylic paint and pen

8 x 10 Art prints

These art prints feature pen drawings on acrylic paint backgrounds. Vivid colours have been used while the drawings are folk-style and patterned. These can be framed if required.


A5 Notebooks

*SOLD* The A6 notebooks feature a variety of prints from my artwork. The originals are acrylic paint on paper, and are also available.

Framed paintings

8 x 10 Framed Prints

Original artwork framed within a standard frame, or a jharokah style frame (only a limited set of have been made). These can be made to order.

SOLD - Coasters


* SOLD * Colourful Christmas coasters. After all, it is the most wine-ful time of the year! Available in sets of 4, in a variety of designs.

12 Days of Christmas Notepad

12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas notepads are a limited edition. There are only 50 of these available for sale.

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Thank you!