The first post

First posts are always hard to write since you want them to be good enough so that people who read it come back to read some more! So, this post maybe a disappointment.

I remember sitting at a friends house a while ago talking about life in Chennai, and telling her how strange things are here. She had this awesome idea of putting a picture book together with stories and photos so we could make some moolah. Suffice to say it failed (or rather, never happened). Although I have been thinking about the idea – why not right? It would be interesting for some since life in India is always an adventure. You have snow, we have floods. You have ovens, we have pressure cookers…you chew gum, we chew paan. (No, we all don’t but some people do, and that is just disgusting…).

I hope to come back every few days and write stuff in here because a lot of the time I think things that you can’t exactly say to the people you’re with since they would either a) think you’re rude, b) think you’re just a fussy little shit or c) get shocked by your thought process and start avoiding you. As I haven’t made many friends yet in Chennai, I see that none of these options would suit me very well.

So – to my new blog – woo!

3 thoughts on “The first post

  1. firstly woo for your new blog..amazing stuff megstar…m so glad u've finally decided to do it…i shall call myself as ur number 1 fan 😉 Nadz

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