Winter woes

I’ve always like there to be a summer and a winter. Both separate, both different so that you get to wear all your clothes and shoes in a year. Unfortunately, Chennai has no winter. It goes from ‘super hot’ summers to ‘hot’ to ‘hot and sticky’ in the winter. Right now it’s also super rainy, which means there’s been constant rain for 4 days now, with about an hour or two as a break. I think that the purpose of these breaks are so that water evaporates and collectsso when the rain’s back, it’s back with gusto. Conveniently, these breaks are during the week only, and rain has an allocated time-slot for weekends mainly.

While the rain by itself is not so bad, the drainage system is so rubbish that the water just collects and sits waiting for the Sun. Because of this, you can’t see the road, and you don’t know where the potholes are – this means your car is severly damaged by the end of the monsoon. Roads are not built to last, they are just built to cover up the mud underneath, so roads + rain is death. Cars do have it bad as buses like the rain, so tend to speed a lot since they are rulers of the roads. This means that your little car is soaked and re-soaked even when it’s not raining. Just remember to never have your windows open.

After a while, I figured out that actually, there is a drainage system. However, it’s closed, so if the water has to go away, it needs to be opened. To open it, it needs to be found. If it’s already flooded, this will never happen. Congratulations Chennai, you are officially stupid.

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