Another year goes by…

Tis the season to fall ill. Unfortunate really, since I’m travelling soon, and with all the swine flu’s and rabies and plague scares, if I do fall ill, I’ll probably get detained or put in quarantine. It’s increasingly irritating when you’re surrounded by people who have clouds of death around them and all you want to do is go hide under the bed until you have to board that plane. There goes my holiday.

I do hope we get past customs all hale and healthy, so that we can have a fabtastic time! I’ve always enjoyed this tiem fo year – you get a whole year ahead of you, so this time (you promise yourself) you can try and get it right. Keep those resolutions and so on..

I spent last new year’s eve in Chennai, we went to a hotel where the main entertainment was in the form of semi-naked Brazilian women dancing outrageously to a Shakira song. Does anyone else wonder why it’s okay for women to dance in rags, while men always dance fully clothed? Especially when the very same men usually have bodies that they have slaved over, chiselling their abs and what-not to perfection. It is an unfair world.

This year the man and I will be in Dubai, closer to the home land. We fully intend to become Brazilian dancers ourselves. I am assured by Little Luca that we will be eating cheeseburgers to my heart’s content apart from which our diet will be mainly liquid and air. N has decided that we will be dancing similar to the cast members from Glee in the middle of a very crowded mall. For fun of course…she knows about my recent Christmas ordeal and likes to take pleasure in others’ pain.

Resolution wise, I think my main one will be to become the new Nigella Lawson. The browner, more Indianised version as I cannot think of a life without paneer. I fully intend to cook and clean and be the perfect home-owner now that I finally will be moving. And I will succeed. If you doubt me, you shall go to hell.

My second resolution is about driving. I will conquer Chennai’s roads and make my peace with the traffic. I will not scream and think about pearly gates whenever a bus gets too close to me in my miniature car, and I will not succumb to road rage. It will only make my already greying hair worse.

Thirdly, and lastly, I aim to get over the True Blood books and move on with my reading. Starting with that dragon tattoo girl story (I aim to learn the name of the book too…).

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