Chennai/Bahrain 3

Rain used to be awesome in Bahrain, because you never get any ever. I remember getting very excited when water fell from the sky, it was a miracle! Then of course, it would cause hundreds of Bahrainis to die because they are incapable of driving on wet roads. And roofs on houses in Budaiya would cave in, nearly killing many sleeping/dreaming children. Besides all the negatives, rain was fun.

In Chennai, rain is not fun. It causes floods, and finding a safe, non-flood zone to park your car is next to impossible. You can never wear your cool shoes because they will get soaked, along with your cool jeans because they will stick to you and won’t come off when you urgently need to pee. You can never get your hair done, because once you walk out, your amazingly coiffured hair reverts to fuzz. Rain sucks.

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