Toilet roll vs. Health faucets (Chennai/Bahrain 5)

Toilet roll vs. Health faucets. If there was a battle where I work, the health faucet would win. Everytime I go into the toilet, I discover a puddle in every cubicle. Is it urine? Is it water? Is it a mirage (also possible as it is quite hot you know…)? The sound of the faucet being used overpowers even our wonderful toilet music (usually Hindi or Tamil instrumental boring stuff). I always wonder how the women stay dry, they go in wearing saris and salwars which are impossible to keep dry because they’re just ridiculous amounts of cloth hanging off your body and the water noises sound like they’re taking mini showers. How do these genius women do it! (Years of practice?)

Strangely, I’ve noticed there’s a roster up on the door where the toilet cleaning ladies sign next to their names to indicate they’re done with their cleaning. They’re meant to do this every hour. Well then how come it’s always a mess?

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