Road rage and things…

I ran my first red light the other day. India is influencing me. The mister was not very pleased. “It’s dangerous you know” “You could die” “Do you have insurance?

Yeah…whatever. I don’t think the lights were working (or I didn’t see it). It was probably one of those days when the lights are always red, and you never know whether you can go or not. Then you get all these angry people honking at you, and you pray for patience so you can fight the urge to get out of your car, look in that handy toolbox in the back, take out a spanner and insert it neatly into the head of the guy behind you shouting in colourful Tamil.

I think as I spend more time on the road in my little car, I’ll probably pick up things like when it’s okay to run a red light, who to overtake and how, when it’s okay to ignore a fat traffic policeman on his phone, when you can U-turn in the ‘No U-turn’ zone, and of course, what to do when the traffic lights are off at night.

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