Of curries and worms…

I’ve been quite happy cooking for a few months now. I always thought it would be awful having to deal with vegetables in Chennai since they always look so terrible. Potatoes are always caked in mud, the carrots I got last week were covered in something that looked like sticky coffee (I don’t know why). But so far, I haven’t had trouble with the veg I buy, and I was well happy about that! *dance dance* Until last night.

Having been on soft foods for ages after my teeth were taken out, I really am hungry. So I thought I’d make a cauliflower curry for dinner. So I get out the veg, start chopping away and it’s excellent. Then, as I’m peeling carrots, my peeler snaps. Doh! I have this irrational fear of peelers – I think one day they’ll grate me to death. Unless a pigeon attacks and kills me first. So, while I was getting my heart rate to go back down after the peeler nearly got me, I noticed little green things on my chopping board crawling with all their might. Super fast too..

Ewwwww moment.

Needless to say, all that went in the bin. And the bin went out. Along with all the other vegetables in my fridge. You know, just in case worms live everywhere. Grossness…We had noodles for dinner, unhealthy, but wormless!

I miss how pretty food looked in supermarkets, all wrapped up and clean n colourful. I miss the days when I could just go into Tescos or Jawad’s and get myself a salad, and without worry, eat it all right there…mmm good times. Or even just get juice! I had orange juice yesterday at work, and my stomach is a little gooey at the moment. I thought after 2 years of being here, I’d have built up some resistance but no such luck. I guess I’ll just have to never eat street food.Not that I’m complaining…

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