Busy times…

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m usually never busy, which makes it all the more crazy. I miss those days when i could get home by 5pm and spend the next 2 hours watching TV and eating crap, then start cooking dinner. Instead, I now get home much later, skip TV and move straight to the cooking part of the evening. This pretty much sucks, since it means I move from working at work, to working at home, and that makes me a dull girl.

We spent last weekend in Hyderabad. Seriously, if you haven’t been, go. It’s great! I went all lady-like and bought myself some bangles. Unfortunately I have this condition which means I can’t really wear bangles (but they were so glittery!). They just don’t want to pass over my hands. Maybe my hands are too large? I think it’s the weird bone you have just where you’re little finger joins your palm for a party. Bangles just stop there and don’t go any further. For the wedding (we were there for a friend’s wedding), I managed to squeeze into the metal ones, but the glass ones cracked…duh. Anyway, I managed to return just 2 bangles short. I’m glad my mother made me jewelery with screws and latch-type-things instead.

We also went to a biriyani place. Everyone says Hyderabadi biriyani is the kind of food you should have at least once before you die. I don’t know…we went to this (supposedly famous) place called Paradise. My god it was huge. It actually had classes for biriyani – like 4 levels of dining – the ground floor were the cheap seats, the first was a little better, with decent tables, the second had nicer table cloths and seats, and the third was probably all high-class stuff like ivory china or something…we didn’t get that far since we were hot, smelly and starving. Not a great combination. (Also, seeing what we looked like, we probably wouldn’t be allowed to sit where the kings dine up on 3) The food was good – we had garlic chicken that was amazing. Very yummy in my tummy. The biriyani however, well…meh. Maybe it wasn’t the best place to go…At least it wasn’t spicy though, our friends at the wedding seemed to have developed all kinds of stomach trouble from the spiciness of the food there. Even the husband, who is quite the hardcore chilli eater, had trouble keeping food down. Suffice to say, I didn’t eat anything without him trying it first. What are husbands for…

In other news, our maid isn’t here this week. I like that she comes over, and about an hour later, my house smells clean. And I don’t have to do anything! It’s great! In other better news, I’m going to Cambodia to stay with Hannah in exactly 14 days!! I can’t bloody wait! It better be amazing. We’ve tried to plan my time there, and it involves a lot of the usual and some fish eating my feet, some pool time, some beach time, lots of lazy time, temples and eating. Sounds lovely. Also, I’m going to be helping out at Hannah’s schools and teaching the kids there to draw! I’m not yet sure as to what I should be drawing, but it will come to me. Overall, sounds like a good start to June.

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