East or West?

I have not used an “Indian” style toilet in the LONGEST time. Well, that’s a lie, I did in Cambodia. Once. It was horrible, I nearly peed on my feet. Actually, I probably did a bit but was too traumatised to notice. It’s actually quite difficult, it’s a lot easier to pee in a bush than position yourself carefully over a hole where a hundred other people have also relieved themselves. Also, the ones in Cambodia don’t flush – they don’t have one. So you never know if the person who squat there before you poured a bucket of water down or not. Oh the hazards of a full bladder. I prefer the normal “western” style toilets. They are easy to use, and I think psychologically, I feel a little further away from other peoples’ excrement. I never ever sit on the seat if it’s a public toilet (or rather, if its not mine, I won’t sit on it), so I still squat, but at least I’m not at ground level. And I won’t pee on my feet. Phew.

If anyone’s ever been to Zara’s in Chennai, well, you’d know their toilet sucks. Firstly, it’s black. All black with dim lighting. Do they think we’re cats? Do they think we carry around night-vision goggles? No. No we do not. All we have are beer goggles from our night out. Secondly, their toilet seat is like Mt. Everest. It’s so high up, you either need Serena Van der Woodsen legs, or you need a foot ladder. Both of which do not come free in Zara’s. Stupid. I’ve always wanted to complain about them. And the lack of toilets in the Chennai domestic airport too. What’s up with that? I haven’t been there in a while, but I’m pretty sure its not changed since they don’t really care enough.

Anyway, enough toilet talk. This was a very “what grinds my gears” type post.

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