Over the hill

It’s that time of year. I grow older, crankier, wiser.I always thought 25 would be my “old” age…but it was alirght. Now I’m turning 26, it really is my old age.

Let’s take a look back at my year, in no particular order:

  • I now have grey hairs. Actually I had grey hairs, and now they’re gone. But they aren’t scary anymore, they’re just inevitable.
  • My hair’s falling out. Now this is scary. Forget greying hair, a balding head sounds a LOT worse.
  • Music is often too loud for me. I like peace and quiet – no music necessary. It makes me feel calm. Between 4pm and 5pm, when we have no electricity, it’s the best time (apart from the heat) because I can do all my boring work and get the house cleaned up and shower all before the power’s back!
  • I can’t really drink anymore. I get sleepy after one drink and go to bed. Even if the night’s still young…
  • Staying home on a weekend is now my idea of a good weekend!
  • I go to bed earlier and wake up at 7am. I used to go to bed a lot later and wake up at 7…
  • My knees hurt when I walk too much. Especially in Cambodia – my god I thought I was losing my legs, climbing those rocks to get to the top to see lumps (read Valley of Thousand Lingas) in some almost dried up water was very difficult.(This could possibly relate to my laziness when it comes to exercise)
  • I worry that I don’t drink too enough water, and so now hydration is one of my obsessions.
  • After 26 years of being the skinny girl, I am gaining weight in all the wrong places. Why does weight never become boobage? Why does it have to form rolls around waists instead? I went birthday shopping the other day, and tried on a pair of skinny jeans. In my size, yes. The went on fine, but I couldn’t bloody get them off! It took me 20 minutes of tugging to peel the damn pair off! Suffice to say I did not buy them. I can’t be doing that everyday! No wonder the girls in Gossip Girl always stand, they’re all middle aged and obviously have trouble sitting in their jeans too.
  • I can now cook a curry in 20 minutes flat. That includes all the cutting, peeling, scraping, mixing and grinding time too. I used to always think it was just a talent my grandmother had since she’s older (and wiser)…I guess it just comes with age!
  • I may have lost my sense of humour. When shows like How I Met Your Mother (ok I couldn’t think of a better example) come on, I change the channel. I watch terrible shows about other people’s families like Brothers & Sisters, and get very worked up when their mother does silly things to annoy them.
  • I am rarely rude to people that piss me off. The younger me would have beat them to a pulp and fed their bits to the crows.
  •  Older people are really, really concerned about us not having any children yet. Before, they were just eager, now they’re just worried!

I’m sure there’s more, maybe I’ll add to my list after Sunday 🙂

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