Family matters

Having family (read: parents/sibling, not the stupid extended type you can pretend not to know) over is one of those situations you can’t easily get out of. You can’t tell them to get lost, neither can you make up an excuse like “No, I’m not in town then”, because they know where you are at all times! Stalkers…

My mother and brother are over for a bit (a lot), and are possibly the most noisy people in my family. My brother says he can’t help being loud, because that’s just his voice… Mum says she’s loud because my brother is selectively deaf… woe is me. I think with the husband being at work most of the time, my home has always been my calm, silent, happy place, plus he’s pretty quiet too, so doesn’t make a difference if he’s home or not. I get home, get stuff cleaned up, and watch TV, quietly. No shouting, no arguing, no aimless discussions about the colour and quality of NescafĂ©, or the many diseases mosquitoes can spread, or the ginormous sizes of the Miss World contestants’ thighs. Both of them are part-time hypochondriacs, so the poor husband gets to answer their many questions on random ailments that may never bother them or anyone else…ever. My brother’s also developed an interest in the many unexplained beliefs we have due to our religion. Like why can’t we eat meat being Brahmins? Apparently, it doesn’t really state anywhere in some set of rules that we shouldn’t…so where has that come from? And why is the cow sacred? Why are rats not? His questions are fair, but I don’t really see the point in discussing them, and researching them (yes, like extensive online research hours have gone into this) when I don’t really gain much in the end… I eat meat, he eats meat. We’re not going to stop. So why this quest for an answer that’s not going to be life-changing. Relax, go watch some TV with cream and onion Lays and ThumsUp.If you’re going to question religion, there’s so much other stuff you could question!

The last time my mum was over, she rearranged my house. She’s now busy rearranging what she rearranged last time, complaining that it’s all wrong. I have nothing to say to that – carry on. My dad might come over sometime this week, so we’ll have a full house. Unlike my mum n brother, my dad actually doesn’t hear anything and is very loud – it’s not just his voice. Fun times ahead!! It’s great having family around, but maybe not always in your house, hogging your space and your quiet time. I’m glad I don’t have pets too…or babies.

Meanwhile, if anyone does know why we shouldn’t eat meat, let me know so you’ll help put me out of my misery, thanks!

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