To go to a gym or not to go to a gym.

That is the question. In London, we walked so much I actually think I maybe fitter right now. It will wear off of course, since I do f-all here in Chennai. Back in the day, I used to be able to climb those escalators to the top, no sweat, no problem. This time round, I just stood on it, waiting for it to take me to the top. It was almost like I’ve turned into half a ‘cow’. (Definition of cow: That Indian person that walks ever so slowly in front of you, your car, your bike, etc., refusing to move out of your way no matter what you say, do, scream, threaten..Usually a lady, with a big behind, but sometimes, men too, the kind that you want to shoot in the foot so they have a reason to walk that slow.) Yes, I think I’m half a cow…if I never get to the gym, I may move up to a whole cow…

The way I see it, I have all this stuff to do round the house… Sure, the maid does help with the more intense bits of cleaning, but there’s still stuff to do! If I do it super fast, like in Superman mode, zipping about, then it should be similar to a workout, no? Also, if I walk to the shops instead of taking my car down the road, that should help too. However, I probably should get out and do this shit, rather than sit here and type about it. That helps with nothing.


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