2012. The year the world is meant to end. My bones tell me it’s going to be a good year. It’s started off promising – nights out, new friends, newly discovered old friends, etc. Then there’s things to look forward too, like engagements, weddings and trips!

Weddings – my god there are SO many people getting married this year. It’s like the imminent danger of the end-of-the-world thing really scared some people. They understandably don’t want to die alone, so they’re getting hitched. (Okay, I’ll be optimistic, they’re getting married for love and other mushy things…true story.) I’m really looking forward to one in August (do I hear reunion?). It’s one of those wedding everyone’s been waiting to go to. When we were in school, we thought we had it all sorted – who would get married first, who would have babies, who would be rich, and so on… I don’t think our talents lie in predicting the future. Good thing we didn’t try make a career out of that.

Another thing everyone seems to be doing is having sex. And getting pregnant. It’s like the cool thing to do now. Everyone’s having babies! This is proof of age. When you’re 21 and awesome, you don’t think about babies in a ¬†good way. You think about those annoying little screamers you unfortunately get stuck next to on a plane, or in the cinema (where the parents are totally asking to be shot). Now that I’m 26 and (super) awesome, I still don’t think of babies in a good way, but maybe the idea will grow on me.

Anyway, this is a rather uneventful post. Hopefully this year will bring many more adventures that I can fill a blog with. I shall stop now.

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