Mundane monkeys

This year was meant to start of AMAZING. Instead, it’s been a bit… bleh. Recap below:

I expected thrills, exciting trips to far away lands, exotic foods from these far away lands (read: burgers – with  beef of course), gambling and wine, perhaps even snow! What I have instead experienced so far is a lot of smoke (why everyday!) because of people insisting to burn junk outside their houses, ridiculous food poisoning that I apparently did not get from food (I was told I could have touched something and then touched my mouth, hence spreading evil germs – holy poopsicle, what did I touch!?), and false promises of a good weekend (it’s been 2 months and I’ve concluded that weekends are just not what they used to be).

I recently had the displeasure of watching a film called Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. I think I only sat through it because I was watching it with friends, and since it started off so bad, one can only hope it would end better. But no, I was wrong – the whole story, very simply, is boy meets girl, girl is crazy, boy is not, boy and girl drink copious amounts of booze, get married, get annulment, go separate ways.  I think Bollywood (oh sorry, the Indian film industry) is dead. All they do now is make a  large number of really bad films (you call that entertainment?!). Sure, they always have, but one or two were pretty good. Either that or I was too stupid to know any better. Maybe wisdom does follow age after all! Another recent (and popular) theme has been incorporating foreign people into South Asian film. Most films now have one white, non-indian actor. What is up with that? What happened to the film industries in their own countries? Are they too ugly to make it there? For example,  Amy Jackson. She’s English and white. Why does she want to be in a tamil or hindi film (or, OMG, telugu) when surely she could do something on her own frigging island? At least the Fernandez lady has some connection to Asia, being Sri Lankan. Hell, she could get away with a tamil film too. I don’t understand casting directors though – don’t they see that their attempts fail when the actor can’t do shit on screen except get naked? It’s so easy to please people these days isn’t it.

The weekend thing – I remember weekends used to be a lot more exciting. Maybe it’s a young person thing (ha). I used to believe that until you hit 30, you’re still allowed to go ‘crazy’, however, I find that at 26, I’m happy to stay home and watch TV, with the highlight of the evening being cutting up beetroot for the night’s curry, and Season 2 of Supernatural on Star World. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s old or lazy, but it sure as hell isn’t fun.

On a tangent, a lot of people I regularly am forced to deal with are really starting to tick me off. Hypothetically, what would it take to have them killed (or at least rendered catatonic)? Or moved to another state, if that’s easier? I suppose I can’t always get what I wish for…

Anyway, I think you will agree that this is quite a ‘bleh’ post. Hopefully I’ll have more to ramble on about next time…


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