Laundry, dishes and other things that suck

We had people over last night. It’s always such a great idea when you talk about it the week before. On days when you’re tired and/or lazy, it’s nice to have people come over rather than battling traffic and going to their places instead. When the day comes, it always becomes a shit idea that you can’t get out of. I always have to have my place neat and tidy (I’m like Monica sometimes).  For the most part, it is, but it’s easy to accumulate things over the week. And then comes the mad clearing-up rush.

Laundry is one of those terrible things. How the husband has more laundry to do that me is a mystery. Not that he does it, that’s unfortunately MY job. Every two days, I put a load in the machine (of his clothes!) , and when it beeps, get things out to hang up, and voila! I’m missing socks. Again. Washing machines are black holes. How else can one explain the numerous single socks I now have. What can you do with them? I’m running out of ideas – so far, I’ve used them to clean things… a sock in each room means I don’t have to hunt for a dusting cloth every time!

Another mystery is how we never seem to have enough clothing to wear. But when I start a load of laundry, it’s a never ending chore. The piles of clean shirts that have to be sent to the dhobi is ridiculous! I’m glad I’m one of those I-never-iron-my-things people. Imagine having to send my shit to the dhobi too. I’d probably have to start paying him by the hour.

The kitchen is the next zone that needs sorting out. The maid comes in every afternoon and does the dishes. The moment she leaves, I always find more mugs around the house that need to be done. And then I get hungry and make a smoothie, or have some fries, and soon enough the sink is full again. It’s a vicious dish cycle! Having to speed wash everything and make my counters look all neat and tidy half kills me. Then there’s the table to clear up so we can all have dinner later. Since it’s just the two of us at home, I find it convenient to store random crap on my chairs. I know this just adds to the amount of tidying up I have to later, but I can’t help it.

By the time the bell rings and everyone’s chilling, I’m dead. All I want to do is relax – by myself – sipping tea or something stronger, watching Supernatural (hey, it’s on TV every night, it’s one of those things I can’t help) and talking to myself about how Dean is way better than Sam.

I really need to learn from my rants and opt for battling traffic rather than my mess.

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