Postal woes

A friend and I have been sending post to each other every couple of months for the last 4 years. It’s sort of out outlet for creativity, believe me, it can get very, very creative. We’re in touch every single day, on Facebook, on Whatsapp, on email, on everything, but snail mail just has an extra kick to it, doesn’t it? There’s so much you can do with it. It’s like a real Pinterest page – all the bits you like can go in, and we spend ages collecting little tidbits from our daily adventures to put it the envelope. L goes all out – she even makes the paper by hand and stains it, hand binds booklets together, covers everything in her weird dots (she has a major dot obsession, don’t ask). It’s the king of letters.

Sadly, bastard Chennai post offices don’t appreciate snail mail and fuck with my post every damn time. Honestly, it hasn’t happened in the last year or so. This year however, everything I’ve received is ruined. I got a bit of post from L a few days ago that was ripped apart. It was the saddest day, Part 1 of 4 was missing! I’ll just have to go on living life never knowing what happened in Argentina…

Post from L
Ruined post from L

I need to find out who to murder for this. I’m not sure where I need to go though – maybe the Adyar office? Post that I send anywhere in the world also gets delivered in pieces, so it has to be the Chennai guys doing it. I did send an email out, but their website conveniently has the “complaints” section listed as under construction. Of course… I don’t know where the email went now! Sad times.


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