A rotating novel…

A few weeks ago, four of us* decided to start writing a story. Finally, something us creatives can really play with! Who knows? Maybe someday we will be famous! It’s a rotating novel, so every week one of us adds a chapter to the tale. We don’t know where the story’s going – we haven’t discussed a plot, so we can’t really plan ahead. It’s difficult, I assume it’s going to get a lot more complicated as the story develops too. Four chapters in, the story seems to be going down a mysterious path and there are many open plot points we could explore. It’s very exciting!

It’s July 2005, a girl, late for work, can’t stop thinking about a letter she received over the weekend. During rush hour on the London underground, she bumps into Alexa Martin-Kobayashi, and seems a little… apprehensive? resentful?

To read more about the girl with a mysterious life, visit http://untitled-tale.blogspot.com/


*A collaborative effort by NC, Luca, N and me

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