Eventful 2013?


The bad:

  • I was ill a lot this year. All kinds of ailments – I’m a sickly old woman now.  I went to the hospital a lot. I hate hospitals! I even had surgery!
  • I was in not one, but TWO car accidents. Both in the same week too. Unlucky me and Marco.
  • My cooking skills have died a horrific death. I have suddenly crashed and burned, and I don’t know what happened. This is going in my resolutions – Learn to bloody cook again!
  • My hair fell out. A lot. And still isn’t back to normal 🙁

The good: 

  • I’ve been married five years now, and well… we’re still married! Ha! No, I love it really, I wouldn’t change anything ever.
  • My dad’s turning 60! Wowzer, that is a grand old age. And, this could qualify as a point in itself – the whole family is getting together to celebrate!
  • I’ve made quite a few new friends, which is definitely something to boast about. Making decent friends only gets harder the older you get, especially if you don’t have kids and you have to hang around women who do have kids. I’m sure I’ll be the same one day, but I’ll say it anyway. Some (yes, only a few) women with kids get boring. And then you lose them as friends. There.
  • I went home for a bit! After 3 years I think. It was quiet time and it was perfect. I did nothing, met no one, went no where and I loved it.

Here’s to a better, brighter, healthier 2014!

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