The big one

It's been a whole year since our little man popped into the world. A year ago, I woke in the middle of the night and rushed to the hospital all worried and scared and excited. Later that day, there we were completely in love with our baby boy, and completely overwhelmed by the fact that we just made a baby! A real, live, kicking, screaming, pooping miracle. Wowzer.

The year has been filled with firsts - me being a first time mum, the husband a first time dad, our sons first smile, first words (dabba, if you're curious, because of his obsession with containers of all sorts like his mum!), first time he crawled and walked. I honestly think I spent most of the year being amazed by him, and by myself too. I  didn't know I was capable of operating on such little sleep and self care, turns out I'm almost a pro! I guess it's lucky I was never much of a napper, although I do crave sleep desperately now.

For his first birthday, we decided to go with a monster theme. It was going to big event anyway, and we were calling lots of our friends. We figured it was going to be the only big thing we were going to do for him, with future birthdays being smaller and involving mostly his friends from next time. Obviously, being me, I took it on myself to do everything for the birthday, apart from baking the damn cake. I drew it all out though, and had a map-like plan for the balloons and the general layout. I turned birthday-nazi.

It turned out fantastic and we managed to keep our boy super happy the whole time, even with a late bed time! Woo! And the cake was incredible, I didn't even want to eat it, it was so pretty! Think they got my drawing down to a t!



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