The world after you have a child…

It’s a wonder how many things change in your life once you have a child. My little man is now nearly two, and over the last twenty-odd months, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep, a long, relaxing shower, or even a cup of hot tea. Everything I drink has been tepid at best.

A lot of things start to take a back bench once a child enters the picture. The days zoom by entertaining these mini humans, and it’s hard to make time to do anything else. The time I used to spend working on my own thing, or socialising or doing anything spontaneous doesn’t exist anymore, and I not have routines to stick to and nap times and play times and bed time. Any ‘free’ time is not wholly free; it’s spent doing things like laundry or cooking my boy’s next meal! Or if it truly is one of those with free time, I spend it catching up on some TV, whatever I can! I can proudly say I’ve caught up with most TV shows, but my movie knowledge stopped with Marvel’s Age of Ultron. Bed time is the best time of day. I love my boy, but oh my goodness, the peace that comes with bed time, the silence after along day listening to endless verses of Wheels on the Bus, the chance to pee without little hands banging on the bathroom door yelling at you to get out – it’s just wonderful.

Little things are now huge deals. It’s a big deal if we go to the beach. A place I used to hate going to is now somewhere I frequent, since the sand is exciting, the birds, the water, everything is exciting. Going out to eat is another incredibly fun thing to do for a child, since they get to make a mess somewhere other than at home. Suffice to say, I don’t get much eating done! But at least I don’t have to clean up after. Ten playgroup we joined is great too, since we’re finally working on some social skills! We started when we were at 18 months and he’s changed so much. He was always scared and unsure about what was coming next, but now he’s so happy to be around the other kids and to be doing all the activities they have planned!

While I don’t want to turn my adventures into yet another mom-blog, I do think I should put down some of the cool shit this kid is up to – he amazes me every day, and I want to remember this stuff so I can tell him and his kids some day! I guess it’s inevitable… once you turn mom, everything becomes about your kid!


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