Once upon a time…

He’s all of 22 months, and has started to become a funny man, with his character developing. He’s cheeky, and it’s incredible that they’re so young, but they still know how to lie! I don’t know how that even develops, because just the concept seems crazy, and their little minds knowing the difference between truth and a lie is amazing!

Me: (watching my boy as he chucks a bowl of chips on the floor) Oh no! Who spilled all the chips!

Little man: (pointing elsewhere) Granny did it!

He’s also turning into quite the story teller. We usually do stories at nap time and before bed, and he has a obsession with elephants (theme for a second birthday perhaps?). Most of our stories involve elephants or animals riding a bus (wheels on the bus!).

Little man: Once upon a time… there was an elephant. The elephant went to the supermarket. He got a red cycle at the supermarket and played with all his friends. Finish.

Another story he likes to tell is one that changes according to the situation. If I tell him he can’t have any more juice, his story will be about juice.

Little man: Once upon a time… I had some juice! Yummy!

Me: Where is your juice now?

Little man: It’s gone…


Little man: Once upon a time… there was a giraffe. The giraffe out the AC on and am a got scared! (Laughs hysterically)

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