An elephant a day

We're obsessed with elephants. The whole family. At one point my dad owned three elephants and now manages one, taking the obsession perhaps a bit too far if you ask me! We have elephants everywhere, on calendars, shower curtains, wallpaper, cushions. My son has an elephant school bag, elephant pyjamas, Ellie to sleep with, and enough elephant toys to fill a room.

Did I mention we're obsessed?

So I started to draw an elephant a day. This is something I do as I wait for my boy to be done with school. Keeps me busy and makes time fly. Eventually I want to make prints too, but we'll see how that goes! I get special request certain days, since my early elephants started off looking "a bit upset", so now I consciously try to do happy elephants!

See my daily sketches on Instagram (megvaidydesign)

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