Elementor #1179

After decades of the blog going strong, the time has come for my many (mis)adventures to stop being a stand-alone blog. It had it’s moment many years ago, and has since been a quiet, ignored blog, happily sitting in the background while my main website did its job.

Now, I have a few plans to really use my art, and start selling my work small-scale. It’s been a dream to share what I can do with the world.

So, I welcome everyone to check out  handmade.megvaidy.com, which will soon be up and will feature my artwork and some select products. There will also be options to customise items. It’s been a lot of work so far, and it seems never-ending. Hopefully, it will be something everyone likes!

Meanwhile, I will continue to offer my help on smaller, singular pieces or collaborative work which may not go to full project level. Some of these are highlighted in the posts below. They include business stationery design, slide designs, social media advertising, and illustrations amongst others.

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